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About Us

My family and I have called North Carolina home for many years, but my roots are in rural Georgia, where I learned to appreciate the handmade aesthetic of my grandmother's scrap quilts and the craftsmanship of the sweet little matching rompers my mother sewed for me and my sisters. The desk organizer my father made for me years ago is a daily reminder that I come from a family of makers.


At blinking toad workshop, our family carries on the tradition of handmade, and while we don't have any sweet little rompers (none of us have quite mastered the sewing machine), we do offer a variety of small batch, handmade cold process soaps, natural skincare products, and wooden wick candles. We believe our ingredients and formulations are second to none, and while we work hard to keep our prices accessible, we never compromise on quality. 


Customers often ask how we came to be "blinking toad." A few years ago, I stumbled across a poem by the late nineteenth century naturalist John Burroughs called The Song of the Toad. Reading "Have you heard the blinking toad sing his solo by the river" took me back to the warm nights of my childhood, where we slept with open windows and the song of the toad as our lullaby. In that moment we became blinking toad workshop. It seemed a fitting name for our venture, a reminder to appreciate and enjoy life's simple pleasures.


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