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whipped shea butter

whipped shea butter
Whipped shea butter in open tin
whipped shea butter Whipped shea butter in open tin
whipped shea butter
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Lightly whipped organic, unrefined shea butter for smooth and easy application. We use it from head to toe and love it!

IMPORTANT: Shea butter has a melting point of approximately 90oF, so shipping it in hot weather may result in your shea butter melting in transit. Because the naturally occurring fatty acids in shea butter have different melting points, they can separate if the shea butter cools at room temperature, resulting in a grainy texture. But never fear, that's easy to avoid!  Just place the shea butter in the refrigerator for a few hours BEFORE opening and BEFORE it has a chance to resolidify at room temperature. Once it has completely cooled and resolidified, there's no need to keep it refrigerated as long as room temp is under 90 degrees. Melted and cooled shea butter will be firmer and more condensed than whipped shea butter, but it will have the same smooth, creamy feel on the skin. 


Size: 5.25 OZ (148 G)